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24 AAA Callaway Chrome Soft - USA STARS & STRIPES 2020 Limited Edition

$ 46

Model:Chrome Soft
Letter Grade:AAA
Sporting Good Type:Golf Balls
Color:Red, White & Blue
Character Family:Free!
Seller Notes:“***THIS LISTING IS FOR (24 - AAA) CALLAWAY CHROME SOFT USA STARS AND STRIPES LIMITED EDITION TRUVIS GOLF BALLS AAA (3A): The best bargain ball we have to offer. Missed our near mint grade yet they are very playable. They will have some minor imperfections. There will be players marks, scuffs, discoloration and or blemishes. Will not include refurbished or x out balls. Some may not look new but can still be used for play. These golf balls are a great value, still have plenty of life left, and deserve Another Shot!”

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Item Information

Item ID: 4051
Sale price: $ 46
location: Culver City, California, United States
Last update: 14.10.2021
Views: 3

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24 AAA Callaway Chrome Soft - USA STARS & STRIPES 2020 Limited Edition
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