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4 Digit Number Dual Clicker Golf Hand Tally Counter pink Handy Convenient

$ 5

Display Resolution:240 x 240
Manufacturer Warranty:1 month
Item Width:N/A
Item Length:N/A
Item Weight:N/A
Item Height:N/A
Measurement System:Decimal
Display Size:5.9 in
Number of Items in Set:1
Brand:White deer
Power Source:Batteries
Country/Region of Manufacture:Afghanistan
Measurement Provided:N/A
Type:Stroke Counter

Seller Description

4-Digit Number Clicker Golf Hand Tally Counter New PINKFeatures:100% Brand New.Nice appearance and comfortable feelCompact design and portableMetal hoop is convenient for you to carryWith zero clearing switch on the right sideMechanically jumps by every press, quick reactionCounts Range: 0000 to 99994-digit displayCounting speed: ≤ 300 number / s (based on the human's reaction speed)

Item Information

Item ID: 3279
Sale price: $ 5
location: Dallas, Texas, United States
Last update: 7.10.2021
Views: 4

Contact Information

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4 Digit Number Dual Clicker Golf Hand Tally Counter pink Handy Convenient
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