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Antique Vintage Hickory Shaft Sovereign Stainless Niblick Restored For Play

$ 49

Seller Notes:“vintage used condition”
Modified Item:No
Club Type:Wedge
Custom Bundle:No
Shaft Material:Wood
Non-Domestic Product:No
Seller Notes:“vintage used condition”

Seller Description

I just received a large group of playable antique clubs and some accessories from an individual who was in the hickory event rental business and will be posting them on eBay over the next several months. Be sure to check back often.This item is a 36 1/2" right handed Sovereign Stainless niblick. 49* loft and an E 2 swingweight. The head, shaft and leather grip are in good used playable condition.Please look atthe many zoom pictures to get a better idea of condition.Made playable by Jay Harris, formerly of Pinehurst. Jay has retired from the golf business but while he was active he professionally assembled and restored numerous hickory clubs for play. He paid close attention to weight (not only swingweight but also the all important total weight) and detail when making clubs playable. If the original shaft was good he used it. If he felt the club needed a new shaft he installed a new Louisville Golf hickory shaft. He felt Louisville made the best available shafts.If you are considering playing with this club, while I see no issues with this hickory shaft (other than those mentioned above), I suggest that whippingbe added just above the hosel to help prevent breakage (already done on this club).These hickory shafts often have hidden defectsand are liable to break at any time. I do not guarantee hickory shafts against breakage when put into play. Never hit an old hickory shafted club off a driving range mat. Never hit an old hickory shafted wood with a hard range ball.Shipping in the US is calculated for this item and based on a2 pound box. The closer you are to me in NC (27712 zip) the less shipping will be. That is the way shipping works as it costs me more to ship a greater distance with all the carriers. I do ship pretty much worldwide but shipping is a lot more to foreign locations and is also calculated.

Item Information

Item ID: 389
Sale price: $ 49
location: Durham, North Carolina, United States
Last update: 24.09.2021
Views: 6

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Antique Vintage Hickory Shaft Sovereign Stainless Niblick Restored For Play
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