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Antique Vintage Wood Shaft Golf Club F.H. Ayers Mid Iron FH Ayres Maltese Cross

$ 71

Seller Notes:“Clubs are in fair shape - each has wearing - grips might have been redone but I am unsure and some might have tape residue - wood shafts in good shape - I am unsure if they have been redone - some may have stamping but please refer to lower details - lower faces have some nicks and rust from age as shown in pictures”
Club Type:Mid Iron
Modified Item:No
Brand:F.h. ayres
Country/Region of Manufacture:United Kingdom
Shaft Material:Hickory
Custom Bundle:No
Non-Domestic Product:No
UPC:Does not apply
Seller Notes:“Clubs are in fair shape - each has wearing - grips might have been redone but I am unsure and some might have tape residue - wood shafts in good shape - I am unsure if they have been redone - some may have stamping but please refer to lower details - lower faces have some nicks and rust from age as shown in pictures”

Seller Description

Antique Vintage Wood Shaft Golf Club F.H. Ayers Mid Iron FH Ayres Maltese Cross
F.H. Ayres Ltd Mid IronLondonWarranted Hand ForgedCross EmblemF.H. Ayres Ltd On Upper ShaftEach Club StampedClub Height 37"There Is No Grip Tape On This Club
Wood Shafts That I Believe To Be Hickory But Can't Say For SureClubs Seem To Be From Possible Late 1800's To Early 1900'sI Am Unsure Of The Exact Year So Please Review The Pictures
Store Inventory #MH91

Item Information

Item ID: 4072
Sale price: $ 71
location: Debary, Florida, United States
Last update: 14.10.2021
Views: 2

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Antique Vintage Wood Shaft Golf Club F.H. Ayers Mid Iron FH Ayres Maltese Cross
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