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Blue Tees 2021 S3 MAX Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder HD Display Case & Battery

$ 212

Brand:Blue tees
Model:S3 Max
Type:Not Available
MPN:Does Not Apply

Seller Description

Blue Tees 2021 S3 MAX Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder HD Display Case & Battery
CONDITION NOTE - THIS UNIT WAS USED ONCE OR TWICE AS A DEMO. STILL COMES IN FACTORY OPEN BOX PACKAGING WITH CASE/MANUAL AND ALL ACCESSORIESGet tour-level distances and pinpoint accuracy with the Blue Tees S3 Max Rangefinder. The S3 Max features slope adjusted yardages, which removes any guesses in regards to increased and decreased yardages due to elevation changes. The slope feature can be disabled, making this a tournament legal rangefinder. Pulse Vibration and Flag Lock technology ensure that you've locked onto the target and with 7x magnification, you're able precise distances at an astonishing 900 yard range. While many rangefinders' displays are difficult to read in changing light conditions, the S3's Auto Ambient Display senses the amount of light present, and switches between black and red text to significantly improve visibility.
Magnetic Strip allows rangefinder to be secured to a cart for easier accessibility
Water-resistant design withstands rain and dew - Includes hard shell case that clips onto your bag, microfiber cleaning cloth and three CR2-3V batteries
7x magnification measures targets up to 900 yards away.
Flag Lock and Pulse Vibration: Emits short vibrating pulses to confirm you've locked onto the target
Adaptive Slope Switch provides true distance based on incline and decline (slope can be disabled)
Auto Ambient Display automatically changes text color between black and red for better visibility in changing light conditions
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Item Information

Item ID: 4085
Sale price: $ 212
location: United States, United States
Last update: 14.10.2021
Views: 2

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Blue Tees 2021 S3 MAX Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder HD Display Case & Battery
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