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Club Champ Golf Range Finder 8x20mm 50-200 Yard Range

$ 7

Brand:Club champ

Seller Description

NEW Club Champ Golf Range Finder8x20mm Range 50-200 Yards
Please read the below section, you are agreeing to all terms by purchasing from me.Shipping/Handling: I will ship within 3 business days of payment. I try to offer the least expensive shipping service possible. In many cases Priority Shipping is less expensive than Parcel Select. I also offer more than one shipping service on many of my items. eBay only lists the first service in the listing, click on the Shipping and Payments tab under the pictures to see if I offer other services that may be less expensive.I do reserve the right to change the shipping service (USPS/FedEx) after item is packed and ready to ship. Shipping time will always be comparable. I will ONLY ship to the address you used at the time of purchase. If you need to change the address I will cancel the sale and you will need to re-purchase the item. I will not change the address you have entered. If you have special packing instructions, please contact me prior to making the purchase to make sure I can accommodate you. International ShippingAll shipping outside the U.S. is handled by the eBay Global Shipping program. eBay handles the international leg of the shipment. I do not see nor can a I control the shipping cost for international shipment. If your item arrives damaged or there is an issue you will need to contact eBay for a resolution. You will need to call eBay for assistance. By making a purchase on this item you agree to follow these terms.Combined Shipping:If you purchase multiple items from me I would be happy to combine shipping whenever possible. Sometimes due to weight or size of the item I cannot combine. Please add all items to your cart, then check out once you have everything you want to purchase. Shipping discounts will be applied at that time. (NOTE: if you are using an eBay app you will not be able to do this, please use your PC for multiple purchases.) Item Description:I buy from Estates to re-sell on eBay. I am not an expert on anything I buy. I try the best I can to describe the item as I see it. I test all items to the best of my ability. In some cases I may not be exactly sure how an item works. I will try to call that out in the description. I am as honest as I possibly can be. If I have tested an item and it works I will note that. Please bear in mind I do not imply any type of warranty with my items, they simply worked when I tried them. If I say untested or call out that I could not fully test an item, you are buying that item AS-IS I will not offer any refund if you get it and the item does not work. Please buy accordingly. If you have questions or need more specifics on an item, please ask me. I will do the best I can to make sure you are satisfied prior to the sale.Issues/Damages/Returns:If an item is damaged upon arrival at your home, please contact me within 48 hours of delivery toresolve the issue. You will need to send me pictures of the damage as well as the packaging. If you have another issue with the item you must also contact me within 48 hours of deliveryto resolve. Please give me the courtesy of resolving the issue directly prior to contacting eBay. I do not offerreturns unless it is called out in the originallistingof the item. It is important to ask questions before you buy if you are unsure of something. In cases where I do offer a return I will not refund the shipping costs to or from you, I will only offer a refund on the item price.MyeBay store:I hope you enjoy my items as much as I do. I buy things I find pretty, interesting or make me nostalgic. I enjoy saving these things and finding them new homes where they will be appreciated. Please take a look at my store, save me as a favorite seller and continue to enjoy all the neat things I find on my adventures! Thank you for viewing my items! Be sure to add me to your favorites list!

Item Information

Item ID: 4027
Sale price: $ 7
location: Hillsboro, Missouri, United States
Last update: 14.10.2021
Views: 4

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Club Champ Golf Range Finder 8x20mm 50-200 Yard Range
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