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Easy To Install Ferrules - .342 Black - 1 Dozen

$ 2

Brand:The golfworks
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

Easy To Install Ferrules - .342 Black - 1 Dozen
The Easy to Install Ferrules feature a larger inside diameter to easily slide over most graphite and steel shafts without the need for a ferrule installer tool while not being too large to cause the ferrule to tilt off center when installed on the shaft. It is required that the Easy to Install Ferrules are epoxied into place when assembling the golf club. Available for woods and irons in both black and black with a chrome trim ring. (84PW DZ)
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Item Information

Item ID: 4103
Sale price: $ 2
location: Newark, OH, United States
Last update: 14.10.2021
Views: 3

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Easy To Install Ferrules - .342 Black - 1 Dozen
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