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Founders Club Golf Travel Bag Travel Cover Luggage Padded Golf Clubs

$ 159

Condition:New with tags
Brand:Founders club
Frame Material:Nylon
Number of Pockets:3

Seller Description

Founders Club is proud to introduce our Padded Soft Shell Travel Cover, the latest addition to our successful Golf Bag lineup. Travel is stressful enough without having to worry about getting your clubs safely to your travel destination. With our padded club protector top and soft side body you are assured that your clubs will have the maximum protection needed no matter what the Airlines dish out to your bags. Durable inline wheels and 2 grab handles make getting your bag out of your car, through the parking lot, and into the airport check-in stress free. The bag accommodates cart bags up to 10 inches in diameter as well as golf clubs up to 50 inches in length. Your bag and clubs will be secured inside the bag with an internal compression strap that will keep everything in place neatly and safely. We have included 2 internal mesh pockets and 1 external that are large enough for a pair of shoes and all your rain gear and accessories. The bag also has a business card holder. The Founders Club Travel Bag folds into a small space for easy storage when not in use. Ship your clubs with confidence with the new Founders Club Travel Cover. This bag comes with a hassle free 1-year replacement warranty. In the event that your bag becomes damaged during the warranty period, we will send you a brand-new replacement bag at no cost to you. Just reach out to our customer service team and we will take care of the rest.
Fits Cart Bags up to 10” in diameter and golf clubs up to 50" in length.External shoe accessory pocket and two over-sized interior mesh accessory/garment pockets with heavy duty, lockable zippers (TSA lock not included). Internal Compression strap to keep golf clubs secure and in place.Heavy Duty Club Padding Protection and Ultra durable 600D Nylon Construction; Lockable, full wrap-around main Heavy duty zipper simplifies access and packingEasy to transport with durable smooth rolling inline skate wheels. Makes getting travel cover from the car through the parking lot and into airport check in a breeze. The Travel Bag comes with 2 sets of padded handles to help lift your bag out of the car and off the airport luggage belt.Padded heavy-duty "grab-and-go" handle; Additional dual center handle for easier loading and unloadingRemovable Embroidery Panel- Front pocket panel zips off so you can have your name, golf course or company logo embroidered on the bagLarge Inline Skate easy roll wheels and bearings for a smooth ride; Deluxe skid resistant ABS base1 Year Full Replacement Warranty. Features Durable skid resistant base that provides a sturdy foundation

Item Information

Item ID: 3799
Sale price: $ 159
location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Last update: 11.10.2021
Views: 6

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Founders Club Golf Travel Bag Travel Cover Luggage Padded Golf Clubs
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