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Golf Fan Funny Gift Coffee Mug and Ziggy Figure Golfer “Duffer” Very Cute!!!!

$ 12

Modified Item:No
Custom Bundle:Yes
MPN:Does Not Apply
Bundle Description:Coffee Mug and Ziggy Golfing

Seller Description

Perfect Gift
for that special golfer that they are special and that you are thinking of them. Forget the ties, and get something that will
let him think about you and smile every time he sees the rubber figurine or
mug. Perfect Gift! Figurine is about 5.5 inches and mug is 6
inches. Condition is excellent – like
new. The mug has never been used. Please see photos for visual description.
All items are packaged with great care and protection.
Shipping serviceswe typically use USPS. INSURANCE IS REQUIRED ON ALL
PURCHASES OVER $50. Our shipping prices are strictly prices, we do not
routinely add any charges for handling or packaging, shipping cost are high enough! An exemption is glassware requiring
significant protection, and we will disclose additional packaging in the
listing for protection of your package. We do not accept returns. THANK
Please ask us any questions you may have prior to purchasing
or bidding. We are always willing to work with you if ever a problem arise, so
that we may help resolve any concerns to make yours and our eBay transaction a
pleasant one.
We cannot emphasize enough that your
satisfaction is our top priority andtake pride in our feedback; as such,
if there are ever any concerns about your purchase, please contact us through
eBay first so we may do our best to make your buying experience with us a
pleasant one. Please take a look at our past items and you will soon feel
comfortable entrusting us to your eBay needs. We appreciate our saved followers
and repeat customers and always strive for a wonderful eBay experience. If you have a question about a particular
item on eBay, please feel free to ask us about it... We respond to all our
inquires & questions as soon as possible.
God Bless Our

Item Information

Item ID: 6948
Sale price: $ 12
location: Crystal River, Florida, United States
Last update: 25.11.2021
Views: 2

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Golf Fan Funny Gift Coffee Mug and Ziggy Figure Golfer “Duffer” Very Cute!!!!
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