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GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net | Huge 7’x7’ Training Aid Driving Net

$ 69


Seller Description

Features:PERSONAL DRIVING RANGE: Improve your swing in the garage or out in the backyard with this portable at-home golf hitting net (mat not included) – quick indoor and outdoor setup!DESIGNED BY GOLFERS: Beware of other golf equipment made by foreign companies with no real golf experience. The GoSports golf net was designed in the US and is made by golfers for golfers.CONVENIENT BALL RETURN: Incredibly durable reinforced nylon net with innovative golf ball return feature for added convenience and increased golf swing practice time - no more chasing balls!QUICK ASSEMBLY: Lightweight yet sturdy build for easy setup/breakdown that gives you the freedom to practice indoors, in the backyard and moreGOSPORTS WARRANTY: GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net is backed by a full replacement warranty and US based customer supportThe GoSports 7' x 7' golf net was designed by golfers, for golfers to provide a must-have practice tool. For a variety of reasons, we can't always make it out to the range to work on our game, so unless you are Tiger Woods and have a course in your backyard, you need this product! That's because the hitting net allows golfers to practice full shots with real golf balls for the most realistic practice experience. The net is also very popular for use with launch monitors to really take your practice to the next level. The net can be used indoors or outdoors as long as you have a large enough space to safely swing a club. GoSports is a growing force in the golf training market and the net is backed by a lifetime warranty so you can buy with complete confidence. Beware of other golf equipment that looks similar, but are made by foreign companies who have never even played a real round of golf.

Item Information

Item ID: 4109
Sale price: $ 69
location: Irvine, California, United States
Last update: 15.10.2021
Views: 3

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GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net | Huge 7’x7’ Training Aid Driving Net
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