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Left Handed TaylorMade M3 #4 Hybrid, Fujikura Pro 80 Senior Flex Shaft

$ 99

Condition:New other (see details)
Club Number:4H
Number of Clubs:1
Golf Club Type:Hybrid
Shaft Material:Graphite
Seller Notes:“New but NO Head Cover”

Seller Description

Left Handed TaylorMade M3 #4 Hybrid, Fujikura Pro 80 Senior Flex Shaft
Left Handed TaylorMade M3 #4 - 21* Hybrid, Fujikura Pro 80 Senior Flex Shaft
Graphite Shaft: Fujikura Pro 80 Senior Flex .
TaylorMade White cap grip .
Hybrid is new in plastic .
Photo are stock .
No head cover or tool .
Sorry, no local pick ups .
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Item Information

Item ID: 4152
Sale price: $ 99
location: Huntington Beach, California, United States
Last update: 15.10.2021
Views: 48

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Left Handed TaylorMade M3 #4 Hybrid, Fujikura Pro 80 Senior Flex Shaft
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