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Louisville Golf Persimmon Ridge Elmore Just Memorial Tournament Putter

$ 244

Brand:Louisville golf
Shaft Material:Steel
MPN:Memorial 2nd. Annual, Beautiful Craftsmanship
Head Material:Wood
Set Makeup:Putter
Head Shape:Mallet
Item Length:35 in
Model:Elmore Just
Golf Club Type:Putter
UPC:Does Not Apply

Seller Description

Louisville Golf * Elmore Just* Memorial Tournament PutterPersimmon Ridge Hosted the Louisville Golf Second Annual Elmore Just Memorial Tournament back on April 28, 2003.Louisville Golf Factory Original *Elmore Just* PutterOriginal KELMAC Professional Wrap GripOriginal Louisville Golf Advanced Tradition ShaftOne Amazing PutterCheck out the photos provided of the Wonderful Craftsmanship " A True Labor of Love"View my e-bay store fore additional offeringsThank you for your timeShipping fee reflects the USA lower 48 states only ! Outside the USA lower 48 states additional shipping fees will apply !

Item Information

Item ID: 3293
Sale price: $ 244
location: Gainesville, Georgia, United States
Last update: 7.10.2021
Views: 12

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Louisville Golf Persimmon Ridge Elmore Just Memorial Tournament Putter
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