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Mizuno T20 Satin Chrome Wedge Dynamic Gold S400 56.10 Sand 56°

$ 129

Shaft Material:Steel
Golf Club Type:Wedge
Model:T20 - Satin Chrome
Shaft Model:True Temper Dynamic Gold TOUR Issue
Club Length:Standard - 35.25"
Handedness:Right Handed
Grip:Golf Pride Corded - Std. size
MPN:Does not apply
Lie Angle / Bounce:10
UPC:Does not apply
EAN:Does not apply
Seller Notes:“PICTURES OF ACTUAL PRODUCT FOR SALE - Stock#46416 - Serial DK32097 ………FACE:-lighter than normal wear with few scratches. Clean……LEADING-EDGE:-sharp & clean edge. NO dings, NO dents..………SOLE:-several soft scratches to the finish. Clean”

Seller Description

Clubs4Cash Store
Mizuno T20 Satin Chrome Wedge Dynamic Gold S400 56.10 Sand 56°
What you see is what you get, Authenticity Guaranteed!
Price :$ 129.99
PICTURES OF ACTUAL PRODUCT FOR SALE - Stock#46416 - Serial DK32097 FACE:-lighter than normal wear with few scratches. CleanLEADING-EDGE:-sharp & clean edge. NO dings, NO dents..SOLE:-several soft scratches to the finish. Clean
Seller does not accept Returns
Brand:MizunoClub Type:WedgeModel:T20 - Satin ChromeGender:MensDexterity:Right HandedLoft:56Lie Angle / Bounce:10Shaft Material:SteelFlex:StiffShaft Model:True Temper Dynamic Gold TOUR IssueClub Length:Standard - 35.25"Grip:Golf Pride Corded - Std. size
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Item Information

Item ID: 4037
Sale price: $ 129
location: Lenoir City, TN 37772, United States
Last update: 14.10.2021
Views: 5

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Mizuno T20 Satin Chrome Wedge Dynamic Gold S400 56.10 Sand 56°
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