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Ping Rhapsody Individual 5 Iron Orange Dot ULT 129 Ultra Light Ladies Flex READ

$ 89

Head Shape:Blade
Lie Angle Color:Orange
Club Number:5-Iron
Item Length:34
Golf Club Type:Iron
Set Makeup:n/a
Head Material:n/a
Shaft Material:Graphite
Lie Angle:n/a

Seller Description

Up for purchase is this Ping Rhapsody Ladies 5 iron with ULT (Ultra light) 129 ping shaft and winn golf master wrap in medium used condition. ATTENTION: This club measures approx. 34 inches from sole to butt end of grip. That is more than 2 inches undersized from standard. Please be aware of this. Please review pictures for condition.
Thank you for your interest in my listing. Have a great day!

Item Information

Item ID: 7062
Sale price: $ 89
location: River Grove, Illinois, United States
Last update: 26.11.2021
Views: 2

Contact Information

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Ping Rhapsody Individual 5 Iron Orange Dot ULT 129 Ultra Light Ladies Flex READ
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