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Ping Zing Irons PARTIAL Set Green Dot 3, 4, 5 JZ Steel Shafts 3 Clubs RH Right

$ 55

Number of Clubs:3
Lie Angle Color:Green
Model:Zing Green Dot
Shaft Material:Steel
Golf Club Type:Iron Set

Seller Description

Ping Zing Irons PARTIAL Set Green Dot 3, 4, 5 JZ Steel Shafts 3 Clubs RH Right. Shipped USPS Priority Mail.
The partial iron set has scratches from usage but nothing that should impact play (please see pics).Please see pics for shaft specs and length.The grips are OK but do show some wear.

Item Information

Item ID: 7046
Sale price: $ 55
location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Last update: 26.11.2021
Views: 1

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Ping Zing Irons PARTIAL Set Green Dot 3, 4, 5 JZ Steel Shafts 3 Clubs RH Right
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