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POWER / BILT-OLD PUTTER SAYS 45HB-Has Good Wood Shaft-Good Grip

$ 15

Head Shape:Blade
Golf Club Type:Putter
Club Number:45 HB
Item Length:35"
Head Material:iron / steel
Shaft Material:Wood
Seller Notes:“This older putter has very much Discolor on the face of the club. STILL, the face, bottom and top of the blade are Very Solid in the all real wood shaft, in very good condition. Grip is in good +, says Otey Chisman, Hand crafted. No apparent defects other the discolor on the face.”

Seller Description

Power / Bilt putter with a nice wood shaft. Says 45HB. Just about 35" long.Although very solid club, it has good amount of discolor on the club face. No bad damage.Please buy as is !

Item Information

Item ID: 3673
Sale price: $ 15
location: Schenectady, New York, United States
Last update: 10.10.2021
Views: 12

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POWER / BILT-OLD PUTTER SAYS 45HB-Has Good Wood Shaft-Good Grip
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