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* SET of 4 * TaylorMade Driver, #3 Fairway Wood, #3 & #4 Rescues REGULAR w/ HC

$ 174

Model:Driver, #3 Fairway, #3 & #4 Rescues
Golf Club Type:Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid
Loft:Driver, #3 Fairway, #3 & #4 Rescues
Set Makeup:Driver, #3 Fairway, #3 & #4 Rescues
Custom Bundle:No
Shaft Material:Graphite / Steel
Club Number:Driver, #3 Fairway, #3 & #4 Rescues
Modified Item:No
MPN:see photo
Non-Domestic Product:No
Seller Notes:“Good / Very Good used condition, NEW HEAD COVERS!! -- as photos of actual club show.”

Seller Description

* SET of 4 * TaylorMade Driver, #3 Fairway Wood, #3 & #4 Rescues ~ REGULAR w/ NEW Head Covers
Brand:TaylorMadeModel:R580 XD Driver, #3 Fairway, #3 & #4 Rescue HybridsType:Driver / Fairway Wood / RescuesGender:Men'sHand:Right-HandedLoft:9.5* Driver, 15* Fairway, 19* & 22* Rescue Hybrids Length/Lie Angle:StandardFace Bias:StandardHeadcovers:NEW COVERS INCLUDED!!Grip:NEW standard gripsShaft Type:Graphite / Steel TaylorMadeShaft Mfr:TaylorMadeShaft Model:Regular

Item Information

Item ID: 1161
Sale price: $ 174
location: Conroe, Texas, United States
Last update: 28.09.2021
Views: 6

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* SET of 4 * TaylorMade Driver, #3 Fairway Wood, #3 & #4 Rescues REGULAR w/ HC
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