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Surgoal Golf Rangefinder Slope Scan Flag Lock Jolt Vibrate Pin Seek 1200YD Pro

$ 98

Item Height:2.7"
Item Length:4.01"
Item Width:1.38"
Number of Items in Set:1
Measurement Provided:TOF
Material:ABS Plastic
Item Weight:5.65 oz
Manufacturer Warranty:2 years
Power Source:CR2 Battery
Measurement System:Decimal
Modified Item:No
Features:Fast Focus System, Slope Switch Technology, Waterproof, With Jolt Technology
Safety Standard:IEC 60825-1
Display Size:0.6in
EN Standard:55032-2015&55024-2010
A1/15:Comply with EN, Test Report No. GTS201912000313E01
FCC CFR Title 47 Part 15 Subpart B:Pass. GTS Report No.
Data Measurement, Transmit & Radiation:Comply with FDA Regulation, Accession#

Seller Description

SurgoalHD PRO GS-1 Golf Laser Distance Finder for Golfers High-Precision RangefinderTournament Edition New Launched!Slope Angle ON/OFF +Flag Lock + Vibration + PIN-Sensor + Continuous Scanning + Adjustable Eyepiece--Easy-to-Use, more professional in playing golfMaximum Range: 1,200Yards / 3,600Feet / 1,097Meters / 0.682 MilesProduct Dimension: 4”´1.38”´2.72”Product Weight: 5.65 OZCondition is NEWOne Panasonic CR2 battery is included in the package.Free Shipping by USPS First-Class.vSTANDARD & CERTIFICATION1.FDA Radiological Health Electronic Class I Performance--Filed U.S. FDA Accession Number: [hidden information]-0002.Complies with the Safety Standard of IEC 60825-1:2014--SGS Report Number: SHES[hidden information].Conforms to the standard of FCC CFR Title 47 Part 15 Subpart B--Certificate Report Number: GTS[hidden information]F014.Accords with EN Standard 55[hidden information] & 55[hidden information]+A1-2015--Test Report Number: GTS[hidden information]E01vFEATURES1.Ergonomic Design and Rich FunctionsThis laser rangefinder was designed with TOF (time of flight) technology for providing multi-function of golf slope compensation (Slope angle ON/OFF and automatically calculates slope adjusted distance.),JOLT flag-stick locking technology by Pin-Seeker, angle measurement, etc. It is specially developed for Golfing but also suitable for Hunting, Racing, Birdwatching, Shooting, Climbing, Engineering Measurement, etc.2.Reliable AccuracyIt features a 6x Magnification eyepiece and multi-coated objective lenses with a maximum accuracy of ±0.5 yards, ideal for measuring golf flags and other objects. The eyepiece is 18mm in diameter and if you can't see the object clearly, adjusting the eyepiece slightly may help you observe clearly.3.Stable DataUse the sensor fusion algorithm of international,you can get a stable and reliable output from intricate environments. Under the influence of complex weather conditions, the performance of ranging capability is more than 50% higher than that of similar products in the industry.4.SAFETYThis rangefinder is an eye-safe Class I laser product with a wavelength of 905nm and less than 0.5mW average power output, which is safe under all conditions of normal use. Water/dust resistance: IP54 rating.5.FULL PACKAGEContains considerate accessories for your easy use:Zippered Carrying Pouch, CR2 Panasonic Battery, Sling, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, User Manual, Happy Guarantee (2 Years), and Lifetime customer support.vOPERATION INDEX1.Meter/Yard Switch: keep holding the Mode button2.Slope Angle On/Off: short-press the Mode button3.Slope Compensation: short-press the Measurement button4.Continuous Measurement: long-press the Measurement button5.Auto Power-off: If no operation within 10 seconds, the device will automatically shut down to save power.

Item Information

Item ID: 3602
Sale price: $ 98
location: Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Last update: 10.10.2021
Views: 4

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Surgoal Golf Rangefinder Slope Scan Flag Lock Jolt Vibrate Pin Seek 1200YD Pro
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