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TAYLORMADE 2020 P770 Forged Iron Set 5 Irons 6-PW NS Pro 950 GH NEO Regular 9301

$ 699

Head Shape:N/A
Set Makeup:6-pw
Model:P770 Forged 2020
Head Material:Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Warranty:None
Custom Bundle:No
Number of Clubs:5
Club Number:Iron Set
Shaft Material:Steel
Grade:Store Line
Grip:Tour Velvet
MPN:Does not apply
Item Length:Standard
Club Type:Iron Set
Shaft Model:NS Pro GH 950 NEO
Golf Club Type:Iron Set
Lie Angle:n/a
UPC:Does not apply
Seller Notes:“Great Condition!”

Seller Description

2020 P770 Forged6-PW5 irons in the setNS Pro 950 GH NEORegular flex
Condition = 9Condition RatingsPlease use the table below forrating clubs and iron sets.
Club Rating10New9.99MintThese clubs have never been played. They exhibit shop wear only.9.5ExcellentThese clubs have been played, but only a couple of times.9Very GoodThese clubs display typical wear, and have been taken care of very well.8.5GoodThese clubs display typical wear, and are cosmetically above average.8AverageThese clubs display typical wear, and retain their original look --about what one would expect to the particular model and age.7.5FairThese clubs have above average use, and slightly more cosmetic wear than average. They still retain their playability.7UsableThese clubs have been used extensively, but still retain some playability.6PoorThese clubs are not playable, and we will not sell them except for parts.

Item Information

Item ID: 3570
Sale price: $ 699
location: Southern Pines, North Carolina, United States
Last update: 9.10.2021
Views: 5

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TAYLORMADE 2020 P770 Forged Iron Set 5 Irons 6-PW NS Pro 950 GH NEO Regular 9301
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