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Taylormade Pershing 75 Extra Flex Golf Shaft Pull 43 1/2 .335

$ 25

Tip Diameter:0.335
MPN:Does Not Apply
Item Weight:75 g
Shaft Length:43 1/2
Flex:extra Flex
Shaft Type:Driver Shaft

Seller Description

DescriptionTaylormade Pershing 75 Extra Flex Golf Shaft Pull 43 1/2 .335
Some Shafts May Have Small Marks From Storage also some of the tips may have been prepped look at photos for tipsWeights may be exact but are close.
ShippingAll items will be shipped USPS OR FED EX OR UPS, unless otherwise stated. I will list other shipping options that are less expensiveif applicable. Some items may be combined for shipping. Please email me to verify prior to bidding. If you are purchasing multiple items please wait for combined invoice prior to sending payment.
All breakable items are wrapped securely in bubble wrap and packed in a way to ensure safe delivery. I use rigid mailers, bubble mailers, and peanuts depending on the item to ensure its safe delivery. DSR's are VERY Important to ME. Please note the different shipping options and prices prior to bidding. I do not have control over what the shipping companies charge and I try and find the most cost effective way to ship items.TRANSACTION DETAILSAll items have a 30 day from the time you receiveit return policy. Please contact me prior to returning an item so I can be expecting its delivery. Refund will be given once item is receivedin the same condition it was sent to you. A detailed description of each item is included in each listing. Please note if item is new or used and condition of wear. Please read carefully prior to bidding.
ABOUT MEI strive to give the most accurate descriptions and sell quality goods. Please read items carefully prior to bidding. Iam happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any of the items I have listed. Just send me an email and I will respond within 24 hours. Feedback is very important to me. Please leave me positive and we will do the same for you. If for some reason there is something wrong with your purchase please contact me prior to leaving negative feedback. I will do my best to resolve the problem and find a solution that suits everyone. Again, please read descriptions carefully. CONTACT
Please email with all questions prior to bidding and I will Try and respond within 24 hrs

Item Information

Item ID: 6951
Sale price: $ 25
location: San Tan Valley, Arizona, United States
Last update: 25.11.2021
Views: 2

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Taylormade Pershing 75 Extra Flex Golf Shaft Pull 43 1/2 .335
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