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Titleist AP2 Single 5 Iron. ~ Right Handed ~ Steel Shaft Golf Club

$ 84

Model:Titleist AP2
MPN:Does Not Apply
Golf Club Type:Iron
Club Number:5-Iron
Grade:Tour Clubs
Shaft Material:Steel
UPC:Does not apply
Seller Notes:“golf club has wear from normal use see pictures for item condition”

Seller Description

Titleist AP2 Single 5 Iron. ~ Right Handed ~ Steel Shaft Golf Club
We do not clean any of our golf gear whatsoever. We do not even wipe them down prior to taking pictures. We do this in order to save you (the customer) money! This golf equipment more than likely has wear from normal use. There could be rust present, wear in the paint, wear in the grip, metal chips in the steel, or various other cosmetic or functional damage or wear. We have hand selected each of these pieces that are listed and if I wouldn't feel comfortable playing a round of golf with it they would not have been purchased in the first place. We provide many pictures of the golf clubs (contrary to most other sellers) so that you can assess the item condition for yourself, so please take a look at all of the pictures as that can answer many of your questions. If you do have a question that the pictures cannot answer, please message me with any inquiries prior to purchase.
Thanks for looking!Simplestop

Item Information

Item ID: 2670
Sale price: $ 84
location: East Lansing, Michigan, United States
Last update: 4.10.2021
Views: 4

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Titleist AP2 Single 5 Iron. ~ Right Handed ~ Steel Shaft Golf Club
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