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Titleist Vokey Design Brushed Steel SM8 52*/08* F Grind Gap Wedge Steel BV

$ 109

MPN:Does Not Apply
Golf Club Type:Wedge
Item Type:golf-wedges
Product Type:GolfClubWedge
Shaft Material:Steel

Seller Description

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Titleist Vokey Design Brushed Steel SM8 52*/08* F Grind Gap Wedge Steel BV Wedge Flex
Titleist Vokey Design SM8 52* Gap Wedge
Brand: Titleist
Model: SM8 (Brushed
Steel Finish)
Loft: 52*
Bounce: 08*
Grind: F Grind
Length: 35.5”
Shaft: Stock Titleist
Shaft Flex: Wedge
Shaft Material: Steel
Grip: Golf Pride Tour
Velvet 360
Condition: Used, #3
On Condition Guide.
Absolutely mint condition! Brand new, right off the delivery truck. Straight from the factory.
Shows absolutely no signs of wear and to the naked eye, it’s almost impossible to distinguish it
from new. May show miniscule amounts of "shop wear" but unless you put it under a heavy-duty
microscope, it’s hard pressed to tell the difference from new.
Shows signs of very limited use but is in excellent shape and has been well maintained. By
squinting and looking closely (don’t strain your eyes) you can see faint cosmetic blemishes such
as minor scuffing and/or scratching. Overall, that fresh "new car scent" is still alive and in the air.
Shows typical wear that comes along with normal use from everyday play but has still been well cared for. It’s not going to have any of that "fresh out of the box" look, but it is in "better than average" condition with no signs of abuse. You’ll typically be able to see cosmetic imperfections. This includes: scuffing, scratching, minor paint blemishes, very shallow dings/chipping and normal shaft/grip wear. Unless noted, there are NO "sky" marks on the crown of any wood.
Shows frequent to heavy use from the everyday player or the common "range warrior" but does
not show any signs of abuse. Cosmetic blemishes are clearly visible and may include: pop-up
marks, heavy scuffing and scratching, paint wear/chipping, heavy finish wear, shaft burn and
natural dings/nicking/gouging. This is perfect for those who like performance over looks.
Great value buy!
This has been around the block and shows substantial wear, heavy use and obvious signs of
abuse/neglect. It looks as those it hit every branch on the way down in the "ugly" tree but its
performance is unchanged and is perfectly intact. Get past the cosmetics and you’ve got you a
great performing club for a steal!
At this time, the only form of payment that we can accept is PayPal. Please make payment within 5 days of placing your order.
Sales Tax: For shipments to South Carolina addresses, we are required by State law to collect 6% Sales Tax.
All items purchased will be handled and shipped within (1) business day of receiving payment.
We take great pride in our customer service and products. If you have any questions or concerns about something you've received or that you are interested in purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you again for your business and we look forward to working with you again!

Item Information

Item ID: 6970
Sale price: $ 109
location: Murrells Inlet, SC, United States
Last update: 25.11.2021
Views: 2

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Titleist Vokey Design Brushed Steel SM8 52*/08* F Grind Gap Wedge Steel BV
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