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Used LH Titleist Vokey SM6 Single 50* Gap Wedge - Wedge Flex Steel

$ 22

Head Shape:Blade
Model:Vokey SM6
Shaft Material:Steel
Club Number:Gap Wedge
Golf Club Type:Wedge
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

Left - HandedTitleist Vokey SM6 Single 50.08 F-Grind Gap Wedge Titliest Wedge Flex Steel ShaftGrip: Winn Pre-Owned EquipmentAt QuickShipGolf, we want you to get on the course with your new clubs as soon as possible! Please pay for all auctions you win as fast as possible so we can ship your items out! Thank you for viewing this QuickShipGolf auction and feel free to ask any questions! All single pieces (drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, single irons, wedges, putters.. etc.will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail Shipping)All iron sets will be shipped via UPS Ground Shipping.International Buyers:You are responsible for all VAT, Duty Taxes, and/or Customs chargesReturn Policy:All Returns Are AcceptedBuyer Pays For Return ShippingItem Can Be Returned For Exchange Or RefundItem MUST Be Returned Within 14 Days!***All Items Purchased Must Be Returned In The Same Condition As Purchased NO EXCEPTIONS***

Item Information

Item ID: 4008
Sale price: $ 22
location: Southeast, United States
Last update: 13.10.2021
Views: 16

Contact Information

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Used LH Titleist Vokey SM6 Single 50* Gap Wedge - Wedge Flex Steel
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