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Vintage Ram Dupont Surlyn Cover 3 Pack Of New #1 Custom Golf Balls American Beef

$ 7

Model:Ram Dupont Surlyn 

Seller Description

Vintage Ram Dupont Surlyn Cover 3 Pack Of New #1 Custom Golf Balls American Beef. Shipped with USPS First Class.The wound Distance Ball You can’t cut! High compression custom golf balls Exclusive surlyn cover Surlyn is a registered trademark of the E.I. DuPont co. Inc. manufactured by Ram Golf Corporation Conforms with USGA rules Made in the USACustomed with American Beef Packers Inc. Dumas, TX Brand new 3 ball sleevePlease refer to all the photos as part of our description and ask questions if you are unsure about something.All of our products comes from very clean and smoke-free facility. Also all the products had been steam cleaned and sanitized for your safety.If you would like to see how a product works, go to our Facebook page at midwestsweetrepeat and we will post a video for you. If for some reason that you are unsatisfied with the product or service, please DO NOT leave a negative rating. Instead, contact us immediately and we will resolve the issue at 100% of times.Shipping & Handling: for example if you purchased the item today, shipping label will be printed next day and the item will ship out the following day. If the item was purchased on a Friday, it will get shipped on Monday.Please note: We do not ship some items to HI, PR, AK, all the US Islands, PO Box, AFO and PFO. If you live in one of those states or have PO Boxes, please ask first before you purchase the item. If we do ship it depending on the size of the item, surge charge will be applied. It must be paid prior to shipping otherwise the item will be cancelled. Return policy: If the product is brand new sealed in a package and the package has been broken or open, return will not be allowedWe here at Midwest Sweet Repeat is a local small business wants to thank you for your business and support. We also welcomes you to visit our store frequently for all the sweet products!Please like us on Facebook midwestsweetrepeat. Thank you and have a sweet day!

Item Information

Item ID: 2602
Sale price: $ 7
location: Bellevue, Nebraska, United States
Last update: 4.10.2021
Views: 14

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Vintage Ram Dupont Surlyn Cover 3 Pack Of New #1 Custom Golf Balls American Beef
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