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Vintage Rare MacGregor MT Colokrom Tourney M75 D.S. Wedge original grip RH true

$ 25

Seller Notes:“used - see pictures”
Seller Notes:“used - see pictures”

Seller Description

Vintage Rare MacGregor MT Colokrom Tourney M75 D.S. Wedge original grip RH truemissing end cap - see picture
$ 7.99 shipping within the continental USA only. NO ALASKA, HAWAII or PUERTO RICO

Item Information

Item ID: 2639
Sale price: $ 25
location: Lake Villa, Illinois, United States
Last update: 4.10.2021
Views: 13

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Vintage Rare MacGregor MT Colokrom Tourney M75 D.S. Wedge original grip RH true
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