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Warrior Custom Golf Range Scope 7x8 mm 50-200 Yards NIB MSRP $49.95

$ 24

Brand:Warrior custom golf
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

Warrior Custom Golf Range Scope 7x8 mm 50-200 Yards NIB MSRP $49.95
Warrior Custom Golf Range Scope 7x8 mm 50-200 Yards NIB MSRP $49.95
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In MINT (10) condition new in box.
Attention International bidders, we only accept international sales through the Global Shipping Program.
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For items bid over $100.00 shipping insurance will be included at no extra cost.  This only applies to items purchased within the United States and not to international sales.
My Policies:
Combine with other auctions I have listed and save on shipping charges.
You won't be disappointed. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Bid with confidence (check my feedback).
Any questions, please email me.
You can be assured that we pack very carefully for safe shipment. - Most of the items we sell on Ebay are from estates. We do not repair, repaint or heavy clean our estate finds. Many good antiques and collectibles get damaged by over zealous cleaning, and poor or improper repair attempts. We will describe any flaws and provide adequate photo details to accurately show what we are selling.
Condition score:
Mint (M)=10
Near Mint (NM)=9
Excellent (E)=8
Very Good (VG)=7
Better that G but below VG=6
Good (G)=5
Fair (F)=4
Poor (P)=3
Really Trashed=2
Hurts to think about it=1
Insurance should also be included if desired.
Thank you and good luck!
I accept Paypal, the preferred method for Ebay.
I safely ship within 2 business days of payment received, unless otherwise stated upon notification. For International shipments please email me for rates.
Terms of Sale
We guarantee everything we sell to be accurately described. We take special care in packing but cannot be responsible for mishandling or damage in shipment caused by carrier error. Items lost in shipment will not be refunded unless insurance is purchased.
About Us
From the Heartland of America we search for unique finds at garage/estate sales from some of the long established older estates in North Central Indiana. From collectibles, pottery, glass, sports memorabilia, postcards, railroad, advertising, and more we offer diverse finds weekly
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Please email us if you have any questions.
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Item Information

Item ID: 4059
Sale price: $ 24
location: West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Last update: 14.10.2021
Views: 1

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Warrior Custom Golf Range Scope 7x8 mm 50-200 Yards NIB MSRP $49.95
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